Meet Our Team

Chris Gormley
CEO & Founder

Chris has been purchasing real estate in the Midwest as a full-time investor since early 2020. Prior to real estate investing, Chris worked in Medical Device Sales for eight years selling in the operating room.

Chris has a burning passion to compete, help others, and maximize his fullest potential in life. Given this passion, Chris is most fulfilled when he his winning and pushing others to win in life and through real estate. 

In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, training, reading, networking, traveling, and trying his hand at anything that involves adrenaline!

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Kara Darby
Project Manager & Designer

Inside the business, Kara manages the company's properties, reviews and drafts contracts, designs remodels, and creates internal systems and processes. 

Kara enjoys assisting the company to create a seamless process for buyers, sellers, agents, contractors, and investors.

Outside the business, Kara is a third year law school student at Seattle University with a focus in real estate law.

In her free time, Kara enjoys training, reading, exercising
, socializing, taking care of the "fort," and caring for her children.

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