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Chris Gormley

CEO & Founder

Raised by his determined mother amid financial challenges, Chris grew up with a strong drive to offer his family the opportunities he lacked. After 8 years in Medical Device sales, in 2020, Chris became a full-time entrepreneur and launched Network Ventures to embark on his journey as a real estate investor, focusing on revitalizing properties through fix-and-flip endeavors. Just six months after company inception, Chris transitioned into the realm of commercial real estate, spearheading a remarkable 39-unit luxury condo mixed-use project valued at $30 million. His current focal points encompass strategic opportunistic development and value-add acquisition to force equity and unlock the full value of property.

Motivated by his love for real estate and personal growth, he has a strong passion for paying forward his successes and serving others. He achieves this through insightful discussions on his podcast and by pushing individuals to fulfill their truest potential through his life coaching program. During his leisure time, he cherishes quality time with his daughter, exploring new destinations, cruising on his motorcycle, and creating memorable experiences. Chris places immense importance on a vibrant community and he surrounds himself exclusively with individuals who share his fervent dedication to excellence and achievement. If you share this spirited pursuit of success, don't hesitate to reach out.

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